Moving Personal Effects into Canada

Personal effect imports

To import your personal effects into Canada. You need to carry out the following tasks stated below.

Source: website.

One of the important tasks is to have the forms BSF186 and BSF186A ready. These are also popularly known as forms B4 and B4A, respectively.

Forms B4 and B4A are essential documents required for entry into Canada (along with your passport, PR visa(for settlers) and Confirmation of Permanent Residence(for settlers)). They will have to be presented to the officer at your first port of entry in Canada. For some of you, this could be the connecting or layover airport in Canada.

For goods to follow ( goods not arriving with you) you may use a custom broker to clear these goods or go to the customs office yourself and present the forms B4 and B4A to the customs officer to get your items released .